2019 Chemical Input Usage on California Farms

Explore the map to see where chemicals have been used the most and on which crops.


3,372,037 gallons of glyphosate

By County

Fresno:651,381 gal

By Crops

Almonds:1,037,668 gal

Pistachios:299,302 gal

Upland Cotton:273,746 gal

Wine Grapes:217,840 gal

Walnuts:202,935 gal

Tomatoes:83,374 gal

Grapes Other:76,920 gal

Oranges:57,438 gal

Tangerines:53,980 gal

Lemons:47,059 gal

By Products

Roundup PowerMAX®:1,595,350 gal

- Monsanto Company

Gly Star® Plus:406,019 gal

- Albaugh, LLC/Agri Star

Makaze® Herbicide:222,562 gal

- Loveland Products, Inc.

Cornerstone® Plus (1381-192):160,534 gal

- WinField United

Mad Dog® 5.4:154,042 gal

- Loveland Products, Inc.